Hot Girl RIDES In A Corvette Z06, G-forces Attacks In An Awesome Ways!

Amazing-Girl-Enjoys-A-CRAZY-RIDE-In-A-Corvette Z06

One of the most brutal American made sport car has to be the Corvette Z06, this baby is powered by a 6.2 liter V-8 which breathes thru a supercharger that forces enough air in its lungs to provide an amazingly even figures of 650lb-ft of torque and 650hp that launch this baby over the 60 miles per hour mark in just three seconds.

So what would this car be like to take a ride in? Well for that we chose a beautiful hot model, asked her to “dress appropriately” and stuck her in the passenger seat of this beast.

How did this gravity defying Z06 treat the lady? Well there is a lot of astonishment in the video and there is also some huge gravitational forces visible, to find out what we are talking about exactly we will advise you to play the video, watch it, and then tell us, if given a choice which one would you take home the girl or the Corvette?


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