Hot Model Dayanis Garcia Drives a 10-SEC GTR!


Once again, we bring you a video that pairs up a hot model with a hot car, because they are both something that men want, and because they are both looking hot.

This time we bring you a Godzilla and the hot model Dayanis Garcia, which goes for a ride in the 10 second Nissan GTR, and just like anybody would be in a 10 second car, she is overwhelmed by the power of this thing.


While she is in the passenger seat she does look scared and exited but surprisingly once she gets behind the wheel of the monster from Japan, she no longer looks scared from it, it’s apparent that she is exited from all that power but at least she looks in control of this low 10 second beast.


Check out the video of an amazingly powerful car, graced with an amazingly hot model in both passenger and driver’s seat.VIDEO ON PAGE 2 !

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