Hub-less Harley is the craziest custom you’ll see


Just when you thought that you have seen all there is to see in the Harley Customs, this comes along, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, modified by Ballistic Cycles, that is powered by a twin turbo engine, and is rolling on hub-less 30” wheels.

This probably makes it the craziest custom motorcycle we have seen riding down a street, and when it comes to riding down the street, what’s with the 30 mph cruise, you have two turbines at your disposal, and you are being filmed, give the audience what they want and slam on the gas of that beast and show us what this monster can do once those turbos have spooled up.

OK in all fairness he will probably lose his hat if he floors it, but last we checked he should be wearing a helmet anyways if you ride a bike.

Either way check out this amazing custom machine in the video bellow.


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