The Corvette MTI ZR 48 is an exciting $1.7 million dollar boat, built of pure carbon fiber. It is 48 feet in length making it an absolute beast in water. What is more exciting to revelers is its unique features: installed are a pair of two 1350HP twin turbo racing motors that are well bound in a carbon fiber encasing. With a maximum speed of 180 mph, the engine produces a minimum of 2700HP. The luxurious interior is built of suede and leather, with six air-conditioned seats.

The custom dashboard is designed with different function gauges, shifter and a custom ZRI steering wheel. The throttle man and driver’s carbon fiber chairs have their own footrests. The lighting is up to standard with the brilliant 900 LED lights put in place making this the ultimate dream boat. The pod has An 8,000-watt audio system that delivers the ultimate musical requirements, an Apple TV, Wi-Fi connectivity and an I-pad dock.

What is amazing is its aerodynamics. With a precise shape and a well-carved frontier, the boat can move in the waters and fully realize its future potential. The gloss coat is also done to perfection with a diverse range of colors available on the buyer’s request. For Corvette lovers, this boat is also built to realize the dream and join both land and sea in one form of creation. A combination of Chevy Corvettes and speed boats. Isn’t that an enthusiast’s dream? The trailer is fully equipped with great features such as a water tank, a generator, a DvD player and a power washer.

When buying this machine, worry not. It comes with a custom built trailer to fit all your transportation needs. All you need is just $1.7million and have your dream boat in your driveway. Realize the 007 feeling with this ship.

The price is fair considering all the artwork, breath-taking interiors and the trailer of course. For those who love the thrill of such toys, this a real steal. You’ll definitely like it.

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