Insane 1410HP Corvette Lines Up Against A Heavily Modded GTR (Video)


Although a real sports car maintains its value in the long run in factory condition much better than in a tuned version, many of the owners of sport cars like the Vette for example decide to modify it very soon after the purchase.

Many of them are out in the quest to make a personal statement thru the modifications that they put on, some are just out for cornering some are just chasing quarter mile times, and some just want their car to be the baddest at any stoplight or any car meet, no matter the reason, there is a whole industry based on this and at the moment it is thriving like never before.

The one we are about to show you, appears to be headed straight for highway domination, since this incredible beast, makes an astonishing 1410 horsepower to the wheels.

Now that’s some real ‘Murican muscle right there, this baby has a ERL 6.0 Sleeved Block, a Procharger F1X, RPM TR6060 bolted on, and to top it all off, a – Nitrous Outlet System (NOS) which helps it tilt the dyno pointer to the incredible 1410 horsepower.

What would dare to line up against a beast like this one? Well in this video a very confident heavily tuned “Godzilla” GTR tries to take a shot at it, and this one is no slouch either, with the owner not saying much more than the number of 1,000+ horsepower it looks like we’re about to have a drag race.VIDEO ON PAGE 2 !


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