LaFerrari Crashed Moments After Leaving Dealership







Nowadays there are many car accidents in the streets all over the world. Many people, not only drivers, but also pedestrians, do not respect traffic regulations. Many young people often think only about money. Many teens become drunks and criminals.

They drive extremely fast, not paying attention to the other traffic participants. Money can’t buy driving skills. It is generally known. But this guy obviously didn’t know it. Recorded in Budapest, although it’s awful quality, this video clearly shows his carelessness. After he irregularly overtook another car, he wrecked his new car in the street as soon as he bought it. If the camera is focused on the subject, you can see what the hell happened.

He’s probably a rich guy who likes cars so he bought it, he isn’t a race car driver and he probably hasn’t handled that much power before. He was probably excited and overstepped what he thought was capable. How stupid can be someone who has too much money and terrible driving skills!

He should have spent a few of his millions on some driving lessons for that kind of car before he started terrorizing the community with it. As stated elsewhere here, these cars are not the same as driving a regular passenger vehicle. After all, shouldn’t cars this advanced have better handling? Moment later after beautiful shiny LaFerrari was seen as it drives down the road, the driver punched the throttle and crashed his car into a group of parked cars.

This is a typical example of inexperienced young driver. This is another one of the 449 cars bites the dust! Besides, this video shows a pedestrian, crossing the street outside the crosswalk. It means that neither drivers nor pedestrians don’t respect traffic regulations. Take care of your behavior in traffic. Just like that you will save both yourself and the others.

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