Lamborghini Gallardo On A Public Road ! Insane Bike Racing

Lamborghini-Gallardo-On-A-Public-Road !

As the most popular action camera GoPro gets cheaper and better by the day, more and more bikers are strapping one to their helmets for various reasons, some attach it just so they can watch the ride they have taken, some strap it on for safety reasons, and some strap it on in case they come up on a Lamborghini Gallardo on the road so they can make an awesome video like this one.



Apparently blipping the throttle is a universal way to taunt a guy to start racing you, and we gotta say, that biker sure can pull an awesome wheelie.
Check out the video and remember, the open road is not a racing track and we should be responsible behind the controls of fast machines but in the meantime, we say, who could resist all that horsepower and behave like an adult when you can do that.

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