Lamborghini Motorcycle Concept Design – The Molot!

Lamborghini-Motorcycle-Concept-Design – The-Molot

Back in the day when Ferrari first started making cars, Ferruccio Lamborghini was famous for building tractors, and business was good.
It was so good in fact he decided to treat himself with a brand new Ferrari.
After he spend a week driving the car, he came back to Enzo Ferrari and started complaining that the gearbox is not in sync, the brakes are not powerful enough basically found many other details that he thought a car that expensive should be better at.

Enzo Ferrari just laughed at him and told him to stick to what he knows, building tractors, and leave the sport cars to him.

Deeply offended Ferruccio established Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. in 1963 to prove a point to Enzo that he is more than just a tractor builder, and he can beat him at his own game.
Many years have passed and the company has changed and grew, and a few years ago it purchased the famous Italian brand Ducati.
So with the technology that they received from purchasing the Italian company they decided to try their luck in the Sport bike market and thy are showcasing their Chak Motors Molot concept.
The bike is powered by a 999.8cc engine and it is sure to be one of the most powerful production bikes out there, and since it will be using all the Ducati know how in building bikes, it is bound to be one of the best bikes on the streets, once it hits them.

On the other hand, since it is still a Lamborghini it is also sure that it will be one of the most expensive bikes also.
Check it out.

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