The Launch of Heesen’s Biggest Yacht


Long gone are the days when a yacht was a simple structure that only floated on water and transported passengers from one place to another.

Heesen’s Yacht of Netherlands has proved that by employing technology and a killer design; the world can be able to appreciate an invention like no other. Heesen’s new launch of the biggest yacht ever built is one that has taken the world by storm.

Boasting of 70 meters in length, the yacht has been named the Galactica Super Nova by the company. Rated among the top 200 largest yachts, it utilizes the latest Fust Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) technology. This new technology means that it can move at a top speed of more than 30 knots, making the Galactica Super Nova the fastest yacht for its large size.

Heesen has been building ships for over two decades; therefore, the company is highly experienced and has become a world leader in the field. The Galactica Super Nova uses three engines to power its booster jet and has the right transit speeds that combine comfort and technology. In a growing market, Heesen’s biggest yacht has exceeded expectations.

The other key features of the yacht include a contra-flow swimming system, an integrated Jacuzzi and a glass bottom that allows light to manifest itself effortlessly inside the yacht. There is also a touch-and-go helipad facility which makes it easy for guests to arrive on board. It also doubles as an outdoor cinema that will complete the luxurious lifestyle that comes with traveling on the yacht.

The yacht’s exterior design proudly represents the work of a world-class architect, Espen Oino. It is the combination of the most distinct elements. The Galactica Super Nova would ideally accommodate six staterooms with the master suite on the main deck forward, four guest cabins and a lower deck. Stand-out features such as the yacht’s crystal elevator and the use of Calcutta stones have made Hessen’s biggest yacht one of a kind. The Galactica Super Nova has to be tested in the North Sea before being officially launched in May 2016.

GALACTICA-SUPER-NOVA-photo-by-Guillaume-Plisson-665x458 Heesen-GALACTICA-SUPER-NOVA-yacht-christening-Dick-Holthuis-665x665 GALACTICA-SUPER-NOVA-SUPERYACHT-photo-Guillaume-Plisson-665x810 MOTOR-YACHT-GALACTICA-SUPER-NOVA-photo-Guillaume-Plisson-665x443 GALACTICA-SUPER-NOVA-SUPERYACHT-photo-Guillaume-Plisson-665x810 GALACTICA-SUPER-NOVA-photos-Guillaume-Plisson-626x1000 GALACTICA-SUPER-NOVA-main-saloon-Photo-Dick-Holthuis-665x890

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