LAWN MOWER PULL Off Between Allis Chalmers 811 And John Deere 212 GONE BAD!!!


It has been a while since we have brought you a real honest “hold my beer” video and we apologize for that, with the next one.


We have seen many forms of the so-called piss contest and it appears that this is the most unintelligent one, since there is literally no need to battle whose mower is better at rope pulling but if intellect is what spurred most of the pissing contests no video like this masterpiece would have been created and the internet, and we for that matter would have been poorer for it.


Check out this extremely funny battle where instead of huge V-8s and hundreds of horsepower and modified suspensions the main opponents are an Allis Chalmers 811 and a John Deere 212 models of lawn mowers. VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!

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