LS1 V8 Powered Subaru 600 VAN Puts On a Colorful BURNOUT Show!

Not to be confused with the Fire Brigade, this Fryer Brigade red hot van, is one of the coolest micro vans we have ever seen. Why you ask? Well how about the fact that this little 1500lbs van, has a LS1 mounted right smack in the middle of it, to make sure that this thing will Fry the tires in a matter of minutes.

Coming to us from Australia, this van would be the total equivalent of the real Tasmanian devil that we saw in the cartoons devouring everything in its wake. In reality this thing loves devouring tires and fuel and it looks awesome doing it.

It looks like it began life as a Subaru Sambar 600, but somewhere along the way, somebody stuck a 300 horsepower LS1 V-8, making it probably the most powerful Subaru delivery van out there.

You have to play the video and see the awesome burnout from this Ausie.


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