Madmax Streetfighter – World’s First Jet Turbine Street Legal Motorcycle!

Madmax-Streetfighter – World’s-First-Jet-Turbine-Street-Legal-Motorcycle

Do you know what would happen if you strap a jet turbine to a motorcycle?

Well the guys from Team MadMax decided that they and we as well needed the answer to this question so they went out and did it. They grabbed a Rolls Royce Allison C20 Shaft Turbine engine and stuck it into a bespoke carbon/Kevlar, Titanium Aluminum body with Kevlar wheels.

Then they added one of a kind water/meth injection system in order to raise the power above 500 horsepower, yes this thing has about 542 horses stuck in that one-off body.


We could write an entire essay about the things this extraordinary machine has but frankly we don’t understand half of the technology apart from the protection ring that prevents the blades from flying off and cutting your legs in half, so watch the video and hear the amazing scream of the turbine powered bike.

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