Makeshift Welder with Jumper Cables and Two Batteries


Before we present you with this video, a word of advice, this is not a regular-use welding substitute, this battery welding technique is to be used only in an emergency situation and even then, you have to watch the video carefully to learn all the necessary safety procedures.



Apparently if you have a couple of good batteries and good quality jumper cables, it is possible to connect them and use them to weld stuff but only of it’s a small task, since even with healthy batteries you will get about one minute worth of welding power.


Check out the video and remember the safest way to do this is to get the batteries out of the vehicles just in case one of them decides to explode, leak or catch fire, because this technique creates a huge stress for them, since they were only made to crank your vehicle for a few seconds at a time.VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!

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