Mercedes Benz Has Reinvented The Windshield Wipers In An Amazing Way


The year was 1903 and the world was building more cars than ever, and they were getting to be more and more reliable, some were electric some were petrol powered but they were all getting to the point they were very usable in the rain and snow, except for the fact that you would need to stop from time to time to clean the windows of the rain or snow.
American inventor Mary Anderson submits a patent and names it “window cleaning device”, and it has a purpose of cleaning the windows of the electric and petrol powered car.


That’s pretty much the big leap in the industry of windshield wipers, and the rest of the newer models were just an evolution rather than an evolution.

But now, Mercedes claims it has revolutionized the process, instead of using a different nozzle to spray windshield wiper fluid on the glass, the new system integrates the nozzle inside the wipers.


Check out the video how this works, and why Mercedes is claiming 50% less fluid used for a cleaner windshield.VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!


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