Million Dollar Hot Wheels Collection


This story begins like any other story of a 7-year-old that got a Hot Wheels toy as a present.


While in most of the other stories the 7-year-old then reached puberty and gave the toys to his younger brother or cousin, or maybe kept them for his kids, this story takes a different turn and that 7-year-old went on in his life to accumulate the biggest Hot Wheels collection which at the moment is estimated it is worth more than 1 million dollars.


The star of the show is a $150,000 toy named Ping Rear-Loader Beach Bomb (yes, we read that too but we are professionals) that is so rare that there are only two of them in existence.

The collection is insured and Bruce Pascal says he loves it keeps it safe and even enjoys them.


Check out the greatest collection in the video bellow, and tell us, would you rather make a bunch of kids happy by giving them away if you could afford to?

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