Mother Releases The Video Warning Of Her Son’s Deadly Bike Accident


Once the police report was finished, it pretty much showed the same thing that you will see in the video bellow, the cause of death was the impact with another biker whish crossed into the lane of Lewis Clark, and he died instantly from the severity of the impact.
Lewis tragically passed at only 22 years of age and the incident occurred at the Isle Of Man Festival Of Motorcycling. During the event, they were out for a ride and they were not racing, but the biker coming from the other direction decided to cross inside his lane and ended up slamming straight into Lewis causing both of them to perish in the accident.

Stricken with grief, Lewis’s mother decided that she wants to release the terrible video to the world hopping that it will help somebody else’s son and it will help riders remember that they when they are out there they are not only risking their lives with dangerous maneuvers like this one, but they are also endangering the lives of other and they should consider this before going out for a ride.

Check out this terrible video which has been released for a good reason and as a very important reminder to stay safe.VIDEO ON PAGE !!

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