MURDER NOVA (Street Outlaws) vs The Goat – INSANE Triple Wheelie!


Competition is in our blood and in our soul – that is a biological fact which cannot be denied or altered in any conceivable way.

That being said, it is bound to interest you that this video offers just that, the good old spirit of competition coupled with a nice healthy dose of adrenaline rush and danger.


In this particular video is an excerpt from a TV show called Street Outlaws, which is a reality TV show focused on the inside look into the world of American street racing. After a brief introduction into the video, the very first thing that we hear is revving of the engine, like a roar of the mighty beast: powerful, booming and menacing.


Last preparations and checks are made before the competing cars are escorted to their start positions. Engines are roaring, tires are screeching, drivers are focused and keen on proving themselves to the public. Are they ready and can the race start? You bet! However, the most interesting part about this video (and we think that you will agree with us) is the insane triple wheelie that occurs right after the race commences. Before you know it, they are accelerating and the crowd goes wild while they gain momentum and move away rapidly into the distance.VIDEO on PAGE 2 !


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