Must see! Unbelievable giant B-52 model airplane flight!

Must see-Unbelievable-giant-B-52-model-airplane-flight

Since the dawn of mankind, the man has dreamed of flying, soaring high, reaching this in quest for the ultimate feeling of freedom. The invention of the flying machine, the airplane and all its predecessors, has helped the earthbound man come closer and ultimately reach and fulfill this dream.

In this video a man is in control of a large scale RC-52 plane. However, harnessing the power of flight requires certain amount of skill, responsibility and confidence. Flying the airplane manually and commanding it from the ground by means of long-range controller are completely two different situations and perspectives. Certain expectations must be met first and certain things must be considered, such as the calculation of flight and wind speed, the method and angle of landing the plane. Smaller types and models of this plane can be found and purchased in the stores, but big guy flies at much greater speed and is more powerful and we all know that a lot of power entails a lot of responsibility and awareness.


Of course, besides the difference in size and speed between these two aircrafts, there is also a notable difference in the duration of the flight. The smaller one can fly from five to ten minutes, while the larger one can obviously fly a lot longer. The larger type is also far more interesting to control, but it is far more difficult to maneuver as well.


It is recommended that you watch the video and clarify these mentioned differences, pros and cons by the means of your own judgment.VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!

Must see-Unbelievable-giant-B-52-model-airplane-flight

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