NASTY 800HP 1951 Chevy Deluxe Coupe Rat Rod “MR. JUNK”

NASTY-800HP-1951-Chevy-Deluxe-Coupe-Rat-Rod-MR. JUNK

Wow, talking about a split personality, there is nothing that confirms this in the rat world like this 800hp 1951 Chevy Deluxe Coupe, that has the well-deserved nickname, “Mr. Junk”.

First thing that comes to mind is that this is a real barn find with all the rust that has accumulated over the years, this thing literally looks like somebody just dragged it out of a ditch somewhere.
But before you dismiss this as a piece of junk, you start noticing the shiny wheels and some real craftiness that has went into the built of this vehicle. Once you notice the absence of a real hood you will start noticing the big 555 cubic Dart block motor which is being fed thru two 1150 cfm carburetors that give it enough juice to reach a well-rounded number of 800 horses with almost 760 lb/ft of torque.

 NASTY-800HP-1951-Chevy-Deluxe-Coupe-Rat-Rod-MR. JUNK

Once you have taken in all the brutality and nastiness of the outside of Mr. Junk, you enter his completely opposite side, since once you get inside it feels like you have stepped in a whole new world. A world of perfectly stitched leather, that welcomes you to sit in his comfortable maroon seats, that have been taken out of a Pontiac Grand Am, which by itself is an explanation of how good they are. One of the rare details that make the inside of the vehicle less than perfect is probably the position of the brake pedal which is a bit on the awkward side since it’s position has been determined by the master cylinder being welded to the frame and not being cooperative for a better brake pedal position.

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Considering the way this thing sounds and goes with the help of that custom two-speed power glide transmission that has been built especially for this vehicle by TCI, we believe whoever is lucky enough to drive it will find a way to forget about the brake pedal position.
Watch the video and enjoy all the impeccable details of this Rat Rod.

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