New 2017 Pontiac GTO – CONCEPT REVIEW

New-2017-Pontiac-GTO – CONCEPT-REVIEW

2017 Pontiac GTO Design
Without a doubt the Pontiac Aztek was one of worst looking vehicles (if not the worst looking) that have ever came out of a factory in the US, and today’s rendering looks like somebody in GM had a stroke and brought back the same designer team and gave them the task to bring back the legendary Pontiac GTO, which they performed even worse than the terrible Aztek.

Combining the looks of a Hoover vacuum cleaner with something that tries to look modern but fails miserably, this weird looking car, is definitely a reason to look away and possibly run away from this car.
Lucky for all the owners of the real GTO there is no way that this will be making it into production since it would probably manage to bring down the value of the incredible original GTO.
Tell us what is the weirdest thing about this rendering that you can spot?

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