New DeLorean 2017 Or De Tomaso Mangusta Prototype?! The Internet Went Crazy After This Concept!

New-DeLorean-2017-O- De-Tomaso-Mangusta-Prototype

When the first “Back To The Future” movie came out, one of the biggest stars of the film was the futuristic DeLorean DMC-12. The supercar looked modern, fast and was an instant hit amongst the lovers of futuristic cars.

At the moment there are around 8.000 of them thru ought the world in a variety of version, some even sporting a “flux capacitor” just like the movie version of the car.

With a fan base so large one would expect somebody to revive the famous and controversial DeLorean name and maybe even produce a modern version of the car. Lately there have been talks about it and is seems that maybe there will be a 2017 DeLorean.
The design is based off another company that has not produced a car in a while, the De Tomaso Modena SpA. This Italian sports car-manufacturing company was named after its founder, the Argentine-born Alejandro de Tomaso and started production in 1959.

New-DeLorean-2017-O- De-Tomaso-Mangusta-Prototype
Their latest modern concept is the rendering made by Maxime De Caiser and it’s called the De Tomaso Mangusta. Rumors are this rendering will be used to be the base for the modern DeLorean which would have a V-6 engine capable of 350 to 400 horsepower.Continue on Page 2 below

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