The New Devel 16 Powered by a 7.2 liter 6,000 Horsepower Engine and a Sticker Price of $1.3 Million!!!



Geneva International Motor Show used to be the most important show in the world, since many of the manufacturers considered it a neutral ground for car presentation, since as you are probably well aware, the German manufacturer would try and present its best models not on domestic grounds, but rather at a show where all would be considered equal.
Since Switzerland does not have an Auto Industry, apart from the small volume specialized manufacturers like Rinspeed  and Sbarro, which you may have not even heard of it was the perfect equal grounds for a while.


Lately however, another trend has been growing, one in which aside from the fact that the Swiss cities Zurich and Geneva rank second and third in the “most millionaires per capita” in the world all the most expensive and most extreme vehicles have been premiering in the Dubai Motor Show.


This has to do with the fact that although rich, the Swiss millionaires are not prone to “throwing away their money” on extreme cars, but the Arabs on the other hand love their four (or more and less) wheeled toys and are ready to blow huge amounts of cash on them.

One of which is this incredible Devel 16 which is powered by a V-16 7.2-liter engine with four turbo chargers strapped on it.


The number of 6000+ horsepower is something astonishing but the price tag of 1.3 million dollars is not something to taken lightly either.VIDEOS on PAGE 2 !!


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