Your New Hilux Might Be Prone To Rolling Over, Check Out Why


They call it the moose test, and it is popular in Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries as well as the rest of Europe.


It consists of series of sharp turns which tend to de-stabilize a vehicle due to the rhythm of the violent lane changes and the Toyota Hilux has not had a great history with it.


Nine years ago, when there was a new model the Swedish Teknikens Värld tested the new model and find out that it is coming dangerously close to rolling over at only 37 mph.


They have tried to show this to the rest of the world in hope that the new model will be much better at performing this test but guess what, nine years later, the Hilux is still dangerously close to rolling over.


Check out the video and learn more about the moose avoidance test and how the new Hilux might end up on its roof if you are not careful.VIDEO ON PAGE 2 !



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