A New Toyota GT86 Is Happening, And It’ll Be Here By 2019


There will be a new one! Said the chief of Toyota Europe and that is something we wanted to hear.


Now in all honesty it’s not like the GT86, Subaru’s BRZ’s twin brother was flying off the dealerships but the numbers were not that modest to discontinue the model, besides, since they are building it together with Subaru, it means that the costs of development and production were never sky-high, and we are sure they are not losing money on it.

We aplaoud their commitement, since cheap rear wheel cars with great reliability that are made in “the land of the rising sun” are something that the whole world of car enthusiasts needs.

Will Subaru make a more powerful turbocharged 2.0-liter boxer engine like for example the one from the STI which would provide a welcomed power surge to the GT96/BRZ brothers, remains to be seen, but if they can hear us, please make one, it would be a shame not to.


source :  www.carthrottle.com

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