Now You Can Take Revenge on that Hellcat with the 800 HP Yenko Vette


Ever since it first came out, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, has been the thorn in literally every car manufacturer out there, because of the “cheap” 707 horsepower which is capable of reducing the rear tires to molten rubber with a byproduct of smoke at any given moment, at any given speed.

Aside from the ability to burn rubber, the Hellcat was actually quite good at leaving cars that are three or four times more expensive staring at its rear lights, at stoplights and other races.

Enter the Corvette Grand Sport, which is a really impressive car, but with the output of 407 horsepower, not nearly powerful enough to keep up with the Hellcat, that is until Yenko did not stick their magical fingers inside it.

For about $46K on top of the sticker price of the Corvette Grand Sport, Yenko will make sure that you will get an even 800 horsepower, which will help you get revenge on that Hellcat from last week.


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