How to Open a Lock With a Nut Wrench



How many times have you been in situation where you have to open lock but you don’t have a key? You probably can’t answer that question because you can’t count that far.

If you have that problem today, it is your lucky day, because we offer you solution to this problem!

First we need to see what is the problem. Locks aren’t made to be opened without key, and that is it. Same as computer experts are trying not to get hacked, lock experts are trying to make unbreakable locks. There is no 100% safe computer network, software or hardware, so the same thing goes for locks.

What you need for opening simple house locks without key is nut wrench, two of them. If you have a set it is ideal, because you don’t have to worry about size or anything else. First you need to find ideal position for arms and lock. Then you simply slide nut wrenches into the lock and try to break it with slight force.

Typical lock will break without problem, but if you are dealing with some strong locks you can’t use nut wrench, or any other simple tool.

NOTE: Breaking into somebody property is highly illegal. Use this method if you forget where you put your key or your key doesn’t work. We don’t take any consequences for your illegal acts or actions!VIDEO on PAGE 2


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