Outstanding Scorpion RT Custom Three-Wheeler Raise Dust


If you like customized vehicles and tricked out motorcycles you have got to see this video filmed at the Crusin The Coast event on October 10, 2013. It shows the Scorpion RT Custom Three-Wheeler built by G. Smith Motorsports, (gsmithmotorsports.com). Scorpion RT Custom have two wheels on the front with some out of this world features. It is a real head turner if you are looking to be noticed on the road.

It has an S&S motor, chromed with a mirror finish. The front is shaped like the tail of a scorpion with fantastic red details and chromed headlights on either side. Black paint on the body and fenders and the front panel with impressive red details really make the trike stand out. The side mirrors are shaped like bat wings. The seat is designed for two riders and is smoothly shaped to fit the scorpion theme. There is plenty of foot room for the driver and passenger with extra wide foot rests. Large fenders are covering all three wide tires. So you are safe from getting wet in a sudden rain.

When the motor is turned on it has out of sight custom lighting in every interior space from front to back. Red lighting around the back wheel is showing off the wide tire and excellent braking system. Lights around the motor show off every detail of the chromed V-Twin engine and lights up all the chromed parts around the engine.

Red lights reflecting off the road on the underside makes this vehicle hard to miss. Villainous red lights in the point of the front of the trike making it look like two slanted red eyes. More red lights in the scoops on the side of the steering column are almost looking like gills. Continue on Page 2

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