Physics Lessons for Donut Fail


Doughnuts on asphalt are not always successful, check out this pretty brutal fail for this fellow and try not to do it on your own. Frankly the measure of fresh air that fellow just got out was entirely great. Everything was going awesome until he got confused.

It is not the most effortless thing on the planet to toss an ATV around like that, and this gentleman is not normal rider, yet one slip up and he went down hard, but this can happen to anyone! It would appear that the four wheeler was destroyed and harmed, we think about how he turned out okay at the end. Video was uploaded on Viralhog official Youtube channel and it has more than two hundred and sixty thousand views until today.

ATV Donut Fail

Only around twenty people clicked like button, and three hundred and fifty people clicked dislike button. Nobody likes this guy, and everybody thinks that he needed to wear a helmet, you could die because of this ATV donut attempt. He failed big time and he would probably not seat in ATV ever again. He hit the pavement, but not like a pro, he was smashed and he fell like an apple. Some people really does not know how to do donut and they must stop doing this.

Check out this video where guy hit the pavement, and he learned something about physics today. What do you think about ATV’s? Are they dangerous or not? Not everyone could do donut properly, and this is not a game, someone could get hurt or even killed for doing this stuff. If you want to see something interesting, you can increase the speed of this video, you will laugh so hard, we promise.

Someone even noticed that he called his daddy at the end of this video, this is hilarous. Justice is served in this feature, and don’t wait any longer, watch it right now. Share this video with your friends and give them a lesson about physics. If you like this video, you can share your opinion about it in comments area below.

source youtube viralhog

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