She Picked the BEST Shirt for Off-Roading


Lady Dayanis in Subaru RALLY CAR Ride Along

They say clothes don’t make the man and we tend to agree with that one but as you are about to find out, clothes can make the video, and we believe this time they most certainly did.

During the photo shoot for TR3, model Dayanis Garcia wanted a ride in the rally car and who could say no to that smile so they got her aboard the Subaru WRX rally car to take her for a spin.
Little did she know that not wearing a bra in a rally car as a great way to get our attention, well get everybody’s attention for that matter.

How did the driver keep his eyes on the road is beyond us because if that was us, that rally car would have been crashed in the first 20 seconds of the ride. Check out the video of this awesome “wardrobe malfunction”. …VIDEO on PAGE 2




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