The Reigning King of the Streets VS The Doc Door to Door Dead Lock


Just last year, Daddy Dave’s Goliath suffered a savage crash that ended its career in the lane.

The newly revived Goliath 2.0, possess the same tried and true engine combination and drivetrain from the original, of course with some minor adjustment. An extra stage in the nitrous system for more precise power adjustment, and of course, an upgrade in the form of lighter weight. The floor replaced with fiber and titanium, as well as the outer armor and a set of Weld wheels.

On the other hand, the Doc’s Street Beast is also getting a major upgrade under the hood. Notably, weight cutting methods through replacing the floors with the lighter carbon fiber, along with a lighter front and rear end. For the $25,000 worth of upgrades. The result should be pretty staggering.

The reigning King of the Streets once again takes on the street beast. The fierce competition in this no-prep race is absurd. Both are bringing what can be considered the top performing machines. Who wins by that split second could only depend on the skill of the driver.
The race starts with the Goliath immediately taking the lead. Doc couldn’t even phantom that power Dave muster in that engine. An imminent-seeming takeover within seconds but even the Street Beast is simply outclassed by the Goliath 2.0. Maintain his lead all the way to the finish line.

A half a year work in 4 months resulting in another victory for Dave. But is this a miracle born from the revived Goliath? Or that Dave is simply the better driver?

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