His story begins in the relatively small town of Butte Montana, where in 1939 a legend was born and named Robert Craig Knievel.

Pretty soon he started to realize that he had a special gift for stunts, and this is actually the reason he gets fired from his first job. While operating an earthmover, he decided to show his colleagues that he can do a wheel stand with his heavy-duty machine, and ended up crashing it into a powerline causing an hours long power outage.

The next incident that his name appeared was his bike crash while trying to get away from the law. After a while he adopted the nickname “Evel” and decided to chase his dreams of being a famous stuntman.

Bob Blair was one of the first men to recognize his talent by sponsoring him with a bike in the ‘60s which he used to make shows out of jumping over cars and animals. Trips to the hospital were very common in his way of life so broken bones were never something that he let discourage him.
The Harley Davidson that he used was as American as the Elvis Presley costume that he wore during his most daring jumps.
Some of his jumps were so extreme that the records he broke stayed for years even with the extreme development of bikes and safety equipment, it seemed that for years nobody else dared to outdo him.
His crazy attitude of throwing safety out the door and doing everything to please the crowd is not something that would have you think he would live to be an old man, but he actually died at 69 after losing the battle to pulmonary disease in 2007.
The videos bellow will only confirm that although gone, he still lives in every little boy that has seen his videos and decided to enter the dangerous world of stunt riding, inspired by him.

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