Say Goodbye To Ramps And Scrapes With These Remote Control Airbagged Trailers!


Getting your lowered car on a trailer has never been easier, well aware that we might sound like an infomercial, we still have to show you this great product that will help you say goodbye to all you loading and unloading problems that you face every time you try to load a vehicle on a trailer.

If the vehicle in question is a lowered one, chances are you are scraping the lip every time you load it and offload it from the trailer, but this company has invented a trailer that is putting a stop to this.

Using air bags, this trailer drops to the pavement with just a push on the button of the remote which makes loading any car a breeze even by yourself.

Then thru the power of compressed air magic, this trailer raises the whole vehicle and itself to a safe driving distance from the asphalt, and you are on your way in minutes.

The limitations on the airbags, are rated at 4 400 lbs. so as long as your car is bellow this threshold you won’t have a care in the world. The trailer has all the other amenities like LED taillights and an electric winch for those times that your lowered vehicle refuses to get on it voluntarily. Play the video and see the magic happen.

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