Skimpy dressed Model Experiences A Ride In A Rally Car. (Video)


Rally racing is the most versatile car racing in the world and the rally cars, are the true chameleons of motorsport.
The same vehicle is used to withstand the soaring 100+ Fahrenheit of dusty rallies and the freezing Swedish snow rallies and after a week, the extreme g-forces of an asphalt rally stage, so it is amazing how these machines are able to operate in all of these conditions at speeds that cannot be matched by any other vehicle.

This time the rally car has a different task, it is being used to give a ride to a hot girl and show her how it feels going sideways thru turns on a gravel surface that is flying all over the place.

Now we know that rally drivers are extremely good at concentrating, they have to drive on narrow roads and loose surfaces at incredible speeds, but to be sitting next to a nearly naked girl and not loose concentration is truly amazing, check it out in theVIDEO  bellow on PAGE 2 !!

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