Smoking ’66 Chevelle SS


He is back, one of our favorite YouTubers, called Scottie from the famous channel ScottieDTV is back with another cool and sexy ride like always, and this time he is located at the Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruiz (yeah talking about an honest way to name the event huh) and he found an amazingly gorgeous 1966 Chevelle SS Convertible that we just had to show you.
This clean ride will make everybody jealous of the owner because let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to be caught behind the wheel of this bad boy.
In a loss for word we would like to invite you to click on the video bellow, and let Scottie pint out the amazing features, and astonishing fabrication of this vehicle, there is literally nothing we would change about this ride, what about you?

Tell us in the comments, did you find something that you would change?


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