A Street Machine Battle Royale: Ford Mustang GT350 vs. Chevrolet Camaro SS


Rumbling into town with an engine that sounds utterly evil, the new Ford Mustang GT350 is looking to take down the Chevy Camaro SS in a matchup we’ve been dying to see. With heart-stopping pace and horsepower dripping off every inch of the polished frame, the GT350 is the challenger. The Camaro is old, but still has the power to challenge any sports car of similar make. Both of these icons of American motor muscle are in absolutely peak condition, which makes this a show-down that will keep even the most casual enthusiast hooked for a long time.

The track-ready Ford Mustang GT350 shows off some eye-catching colors, one of those being a lightning blue etched with twin racing stripes. The blue shimmers off a new bumper that resemble the maw of a wild beast rather than a sports car, while small lights add to the GT350’s sleek form. And to complete the picture of this menacing, mechanical masterpiece, you can’t go past the jet-black carbon rims of the Mustang sports.


While the new GT350 looks every part the muscle car, the engine also delivers in spades. The ripping snarl as the car kicks over transforms into a magnificent roar as the coupe tears up the track. The latest GT350 is a dream come true for Mustang aficionados, but it might look more of a nightmare for fans of the Camaro SS.

However, the Chevy Camaro SS is no push-over. While largely unchanged and with a design that looks very similar to last year’s model, the Camaro still eats up road like nobody’s business. As an engineering example of near-perfection delivered by GM, the Camaro poses a stern opponent in a mouth-watering battle against the latest Ford Mustang. All we need to do is sit back, relax and watch the carnage these cars unleash on the street and the track.

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