Subaru Passed Corvette at 160 mph

Do you think that any model of Subaru would get annihilated in a race like this in just a matter of couple of seconds, yet that is not what happened here and we cannot guaranteed this is not staged.

We have nothing against Subarus at all, yet they are truly not the quickest autos in the world, as you probably know. They are unquestionably a percentage of the speediest, however with regards to speeds above one hundred and forty miles per hour, Subarus normally fall way behind other vehicles. In this awesome feature, we were, to a great degree, astonished to see a Subaru passing a nitrous fueled Corvette and an altered GTR at rates of well more than one hundred miles per hour. You will simply need to see this situation for yourself, this is awesome.

Video is great and we hope you are going to like it. There are not much comments underneath this feature, and it was uploaded in 2015. We don’t know exact location. Check out this video where Subaru passed Corvette like a Superman.

Video was uploaded on Josh Grooms’ Youtube channel and it has more than fifty four thousand views so far, only one person clicked dislike, and this is probably guy from Corvette. More than hundred people clicked like button. What do you think about this situation?

This vehicle will peak at forty give psi and this is unbelievable. Do you know someone who drives Subaru? Is this really possible? Share this video with your friends and ask them do they like Subaru more now, or they would like to pick Corvette any time of the year. Leave a comment below if you want to share your opinion about this subject and don’t forget to click like.

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