Top 8 future trucks buses concepts you must see!


Ask yourself: just how many times have you heard the phrase “the future is now”?


Believe it or not, yes, it is true. Future has never been this close and in our range, within the grasp of our hand. In this video we have eight different and innovative trucks and buses concepts that are bound to impress you and make you think.


Technology is rapidly developing, faster than ever before in history of man and is a core, vital part of our modern existence. Everyone wants to keep up and stay in touch with all the advancements, updates, improvements and innovations on the horizon, especially when it comes to techno titans such as vehicles. Indeed, these are only concepts, for now, but what can stop us from thinking they can’t be achieved and realized?


Primarily, we have Mercedes Future Truck 2025, which is supposed let us take a sneak peek at the concept of a driverless truck! Pretty cool, don’t you think? Another striking concept and model is the Iveco Z Truck, which looks very futuristic and promising indeed. If you are into aesthetics and you love eye-candy and appreciate beauty, then the Willie Transparent LCD Bus is bound to satisfy your criteria and impress you with its looks.


We are not going to list all the different, breathtaking models of trucks and buses from the video in this text, instead, we strongly advise that you watch this interesting video and see it with your own eyes, trust us, it is worth it!VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!

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