Toyta Supra powered Ford Mustang vs Hellcat


Alright, alright, we know that maybe we are boring, but we have blended up a new set of videos for the week.

We have a surprise for all of you; it will be the most beautiful video that you are going to see this week. Before you see the following feature, we can see this awesome Chevy swapped engine on these pages, but at this present moment, we will back off for a while, particularly for your Ford folks who appear to don’t like this power in the engine.

We totally get you, and we know that you are so tired of comparison of both models. Without a doubt, Mod engines can set out some force, there is great old-school three zero two, and Ford Mustangs are still worth to have it, without a doubt. You know what is so stressing to us? A six-barrel New Edge Mustang. These things were all over the place and if keep in mind that we are not fans of 1994 to 2004 Ford Mustangs by any chance, at any rate, they are good to ride, and it is generally very enjoyable to stun somebody with a six-barrel engine, right?

We are confident that we will get some love from all of you since it is not a Ford engine inside. However if you want to make some additional power with six chambers in Ford Mustang, which is decade old, there are two alternatives you can choose from: pay for import from Australia, or go chasing for a Toyota and get some turbo.

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