This Turbine Powered RC AIRWOLF Sounds Amazing!


They say men never grow up it is only their toys that get more expensive, well Amin to that, and this video is one of the best ways to prove this theory.


It is a remote-control helicopter and it is actually powered by a real turbine engine almost all the real size helicopters. The sounds that this thing makes are as awesome as the real deal and it can even tuck in its landing gear which is also a great feature.


The way the technology advances in every field is simply amazing since we remember like it was yesterday when a car with radio controls was able to move back and forth without costing as much as a used real sedan, but now in somewhat of a reasonable price you can purchase a radio-controlled helicopter that has a real miniature turbine engine installed and is powered by kerosene.



Check out the video of one of the most amazing remote controlled rotary winged aircraft we have ever seen.VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!


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