Turbospoke – The Best Exhaust System Ever for Your Bike

Turbospoke – The-Best-Exhaust-System-Ever-for-Your-Bike

Everybody remembers the days when we were younger and how it took so little to make us happy, not to sound old-fashioned but the kids of nowadays don’t know how easy they have it, with their expensive clothes video games smartphones and tablets, while back in the day all we needed was an baseball/playing card stuck in the spokes of the rear wheel, or a plastic cup piece and that loud bike was the best thing in the neighborhood.

And the best part about it was, that all of us were using the same state of the art “technology” so nobody felt left out for not having something.

Well times have changed and you can’t stop progress they say so this time we bring you an evolution of the old baseball card thru the spokes trick with, yes you guessed it, more electronics.

Check out this amazing device called Turbospoke which will turn your bicycle in the coolest sounding machine on the street.

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