Unbelievable 1972 Boattail Custom!



If you are a true car fan and car connoisseur, then you are in for a real treat today.

This magnificent 1972 Buick Riviera is as its license plate tells us from the very start of this video “Jus 4 Sho”, which is witty indeed.


The car’s darker shade of purple color gives it a strong note of mystery, elegance and certain kind of originality, so it is now wonder this Buick is so attractive and appealing to everyone in this video and us watching it. The two gentlemen inside the car, which we presume are the owners of this beauty, are slowly getting out of the parking lot and gradually advancing down the road, like a supermodel in fashion industry. Of course, everyone’s gaze is fixated upon it, it really caught everybody’s attention and it is no surprise why it did.


Also, the strong wind and leaves all around the car dramatically add to the effect of how powerful, charming, beautiful and secretive this Buick Riviera really looks and leaves a lasting impression on both the people in its vicinity and the viewers. However, there is a little bit of comical relief in this video – last 20 seconds or so, you can see the metal plate at tail dragging along the road and making this funny clanking sound, which the man on the right finds it entertaining as well.VIDEO on PAGE 2!


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