The Wait For A Jeep Pickup Truck Is Finally Over


One of the most popular off-roaders of all times is surely the Jeep Wrangler, this iconic vehicle has been the stuff of legends for decades and throughout the world it has established itself as one of the most capable off road vehicles.



Ever since it first came out many of the costumers have been asking for a pickup version of this vehicle and it appears that the manufacturer has finally answered their prayers by producing the long-awaited “truck” version of the Wrangler that is set to be released in the last quarter of 2018.
A price tag in the area of $30,000 is expected to divert buyers from all the popular models in this class like the Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Tacoma or the Chevy Colorado. According to unofficial figures there was a supposed $1 billion invested in development and in logistics in order to make sure the new model is as successful as the vehicle it is based on.

Expect a 3.6 V-6 to be the most popular engine underneath the hood, while at the same time a 2.0 inline four turbocharged engine is the one to make sure that great fuel economy can also be achieved if that is what you are after.

A diesel version might also be in the works but the number on that one are being kept quiet for the time being.
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