What is Performance anxiety?


Try not to have this kind of panic attack, because this guy had performance anxiety and his beloved girlfriend was not impressed.

Valentines day is over, but if you want to make something similar to this dude, you better don’t. This is completely and exactly opposite thing you need to do if you want to surprise your life partner. That implies it is most likely a decent time to purchase some execution parts! Young ladies adore nice cars and you need to spend your cash on making your vehicle quicker instead of utilizing that cash on them. They simply need to guarantee you do not have execution fail like this gentleman did.

Check out this video and see what we are talking about. Video was uploaded on Real Street Perf TV Youtube channel and it has more than six thousand views, more than one hundred people clicked like button and only two persons clicked dislike button. Check out this video now and find out what is performance anxiety. Anxiety is serious condition and if you have it, you should consult your doctor. But, if you have performance anxiety, you need to help your car, not yourself. Invest in some new cool parts and don’t try to overdo it. There is always some other guy who can get your girl if you don’t pay too much attention.

Check out what this guy did. Share this video with your friends and feel free to leave your comment about performance anxiety in comments area below. This is very creative video and we hope you are going to like it. Valentines day is great day to have some fun with your girlfriend, just try to impress her and you will be a winner. Girls like guys who know how to have some fun.

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